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How to Send Files using Filemail

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Apps & Plugins

Plans & Pricing

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> Max size

Max size per sending. You can still send as many times as you like!

30 GB   Unlimited   Unlimited
> Days available

Files are automatically removed from our servers after the specified numer of days

7   30   90
> Downloads

The maximum number of times that a file can be downloaded by your recipient(s)

Unlimited   Unlimited   Unlimited
> Delivery Tracking

Keep track of who downloaded the the files you sent - and where they downloaded it!

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  yes   yes
> Password Protection

Increase security by requiring receivers to enter a given password before downloading

  yes   yes
> Address Book

You can import contacts from Microsoft Outlook, OS X Mail, Thunderbird, Facebook, Gmail and more.

Groups are also supported - this makes it very easy to distribute files to a range of people.

  yes   yes
> Filemail Desktop

Filemail Desktop is a small application you can install on your computer. It is similar to the website uploader, but it offers additional features like:

  • Rock solid transfer protocol. Unstable internetconnection? No problem.
  • Send folders
  • Script/Automation support (command line / xml)
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Supported on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix and more

  yes   yes
> Filemail Outlook Addin

Filemail Outlook Add-in enables you to email large files directly from Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007/2010 through Filemail.

Attach files just like you are used to and hit Send! Very slick & extremely easy to use.

image description
  yes   yes
> Filemail Receiver

Filemail Receiver is a small application that automatically downloads files that other people send you. This means that you can immediately access these files locally on your harddrive/server - without having to download the files from Filemail servers.

image description

Supported on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix and more

> Branding (Email & Web)

With our business account you can integrate our Uploader and also place the Download Page on your own site. This means that the solution can be completely branded/customized to fit your needs.

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> Receive files (Dropbox)

Business users can receive large files from their clients/partners. This uploader also supports Html4, Html5, Silverlight, Flash and GoogleGears. A Java version is also available - which supports sending folders.

image description
> Integrated Uploader on your website

Integrated Uploader on your website

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> HTTPS - Secure Transfer

Files are uploaded and downloaded using HTTPS TLS certificates. All communication towards is also done with HTTPS.

> Fanatical Support

Our business customers always have first priority when it comes to support. We’ll bend over backwards for you until you are satisfied.


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    Are you currently paying for a substandard service like Yousendit/ Hightail/ Sharefile etc? Cancel your subscription and get a Filemail account. We’ll match the price!

  • Custom integration

    Do you have special needs? Please contact us regarding LDAP integration, dedicated / inhouse fileservers etc.

  • Got a question?

Who is using Filemail?

Over 1000 businesses and 20 000 people use Filemail every day to send and receive large files. Why do these people prefer Filemail?

- Probably because we focus on one thing - sending files from point A to point B - and we're pretty damn good at it.

We offer a wide range of tools to make this task as easy and effortless as possible: Outlook Addin, Thunderbird Addin, Mobile Apps, Desktop Applications, Server solutions, LDAP integration, API's and more.

If you need something else - we'll develop it. Challenge accepted.

Our live traffic map shows uploads and downloads taking place right now (updated every 60 seconds).

Don't believe it? Send a file while you watch the map. (Use Chrome/Safari)

December 2013

Filemail redefines filesharing by allowing
people to send 30 GB for free!

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  • I am unable to send files

    Please try the following:

    • Use a different Browser
    • Restart browser, computer & router
    • Temporarily disable Anti-virus & Firewall if installed
  • What kind of servers/network?

    We have servers in Central Europe, Scandinavia and across the USA. Datacenters have core networking supplied by Level3 (2x10 GBit), Deutsche Telecom (2x10 GBit), and Global Crossings (2x10 GBit).

  • What about Payment options?

    Our customers pay using Paypal - which supports VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Corporate Customers with more than 10 licences may also pay by Bank Transfer.

  • Can I send folders?

    Yes indeed! Filemail Desktop supports sending folders. You can install it on Windows, OS X (Mac), Linux, Unix etc!

  • Is Filemail secure?

    Yes. Security and privacy is THE top priority of our development team. You can read about how we secure your files in this whitepaper.

  • Why is my upload speed slow?

    Most people have more download bandwidth than upload bandwidth. You can test your speed at etc. and compare. If you feel FIlemail is still slow then please let us know