MediaFire Alternative: Transfer Big Files Of Any Size

MediaFire Are Cheaper Than Us, And It Shows

MediaFire alternative to share files using any platform

MediaFire has some of the lowest prices on the market, and when you look at what they offer, you understand why. A bare-bones cloud based file transfer solution that suffices if all you want is some online storage, and to send files with no regards for speed, security and compliance.

However, those are not the only limitations with MediaFire. It is woefully lacking in features that are imperative where file storage and file sharing of multiple files, is part of a business's workflow.

Why We Are Better Than MediaFire

Your and your clients files are shared safely and securely

Robust Security & Privacy

MediaFire doesn't encrypt any files that you upload and share, which in this day and age, is asking for trouble. The only protection of your files offered by MediaFire is password protection. On the other hand our file sharing service offers anti-virus, data encryption and password protection.

Your and your clients files are shared safely and securely
25 GB

Mărime nelimitată fișiere transferate

When it comes to sending very large files with MediaFire, you can't. You can only send a file of up to 20 GB maximum. Professionals and businesses in many fields work with huge files, so MediaFire isn't an option. With our file hosting service you can send a file of any size.

Handle sensitive data in a compliant manner

Legislative & Regulatory Compliance

With MediaFire you can't control traffic. Coupled with the lack of data encryption, lack of detailed activity and delivery tracking, means that MediaFire falls short of the need for stringent access rights, and full auditable trails. Filemail is fully compliant with a number of global and regional legislation, and industry regulatory mandates.

Handle sensitive data in a compliant manner
Share files using any major platform

A Full-Featured Solution

MediaFire has chosen to position themselves on price, which are the lowest on the market. This has been achieved in part by the removal of features and platforms that don't take into account users differing needs. With our cloud storage service, we have chosen to position ourselves with an evolving solution that meets the needs of various stakeholders.

Comparing The Following Accounts

No Account/Free

Personal 1-User Account

Multi-User Accounts

Free / No Account Comparison

For ad-hoc on the fly file transferring MediaFire offers the ability to send a file without registering. We also offer a free service. The table below shows how the 2 options compare.

Filemail MediaFire
Fișierele sunt disponibile 7 zile Long-Term
Mărime maximă fișier 5 GB 20 GB
Lățime de bandă nelimitată
Protecție AntiVirus
Ad Free
Full Download Speed

Benefits Of Sending Files For Free With Us

5 GB
Transfer Up To 5 GB Files

You can stop using the compressors, the files splitters and whatever else. Send up to 5 GB with us.

Spațiu de stocare fișiere pentru 7 zile

Both you and the recipient want to make sure your file is not available longer than need be. We state clearly, with us, they are available for 7 days.

Filemail doesn't do ads, period.
Fără reclame

The MediaFire website is plagued with ads. Internal ads harassing you to upgrade, and external ads as well. Quite simply, we don't do ads.

Protejează fișierele pe care le partajezi
Protectie Anti-Virus

We take the security and integrity of your data very seriously, which is why all shared files are scanned for viruses.

Transferă gratis până la 50 GB

Fără să te enervezi cu reclame

Trimite acum

Personal Account Comparison

Professionals and freelancers in many fields including marketers, audio/video specialists, photographers, and engineers use use file transferring solution as an integral component of their workflow. As they are one-man teams, they only need an individual 1-user account, typically named a Professional Account.

The features for individual users offered by Filemail and MediaFire are show below.

Filemail MediaFire
Cost lunar $10 $3.75
Account Type Pro Pro
Storage Capacity 1 TB 1 TB
Fișierele sunt disponibile 30 zile Long-Term
Mărime maximă fișier 25 GB 20 GB
Lățime de bandă nelimitată
Delivery Tracking
Encrypted Data Transfer (HTTPS)
Protecție AntiVirus
Password Protection
Subdomeniu personalizat
Customization & Branding
Address Book
Receive Files
Mac, Windows iOs, Android, API

Noi transferăm fișiere cu mai multe beneficii

Send files up to 200x times quicker
Trimite fișiere mai rapid

Protocols such as FTP and HTTP based on TCP are painfully slow when compared to our custom UDP.  Transfer files up to 200 times faster with our cloud service.

25 GB
Send Files Of Up To 25 GB

With a personal account you can send or receive a file of up to 25 GB, rather than the 20 GB max offered by MediaFire.

We protect your data and your machine
Protect Your Data

Encryption, anti-virus and password protection guarantees peace of mind and happy clients, who get the files they are paying you for.

Stay in the loop as to when your recipient downloads files
Delivery Tracking

Did your client download the files? Do you know? Are you going to chase them up. You will. With Filemail, you'll know when they obtained the files.

Send Bigger Files With A Filemail Professional Account

Începeți încercarea gratuită de 7 zile

Incepeti Incercarea

Multi-User Business Account Comparison

A business account is for companies that require multi-user accounts. Businesses have taken advantage of the speed and efficiency of sending and receiving files via the internet, rather than snail mail and other such out-dated methods.

However due to the size of files, and the need for security and compliance, businesses are using dedicated transferring solutions like Filemail, with files hosted in the cloud, that go far beyond emails and FTP.

The table below shows the benefits you get from a business account provided by Filemail and MediaFire.

Filemail MediaFire
Cost lunar $15 $40 (100 users max)
Account Type Business Business
Storage Capacity 1 TB / utilizator Până la 100 TB
Fișierele sunt disponibile Permanent Long-Term
Mărime maximă fișier Nelimitat 20 GB
UDP File Transfer Acceleration
Lățime de bandă nelimitată
Delivery Tracking
Encrypted Data Transfer (HTTPS)
Protecție AntiVirus
Password Protection
Subdomeniu personalizat
Customization & Branding
Address Book
Încărcați formularul pe site-ul dvs. web
Primește fișiere
Choose Data Location
Priority Support
Mac, Windows iOs, Android, API

Beneficii ale unui cont Business

Receive a file of unlimited size with Filemail
Primește mai mult

MediaFire does let you receive files, but where they permit 20 GB, we permit you to receive a file of unlimited size.

Auto-download files so you don’t spend the night manually downloading
Automated Downloads

Don’t get up in the middle of the night to manually download files. With Filemail your files can be automatically downloaded, so you have the files ready to go when you wake up.

Your shared data is secure with Filemail
Date securizate

Your data needs to be protected from the variety of dangers, be it malicious or otherwise. With Filemail, your data is encrypted, and we use anti-virus software.

Promote your brand, and not ours
Personalizare brand

Ensure brand consistency by customizing all aspects of our tools. Emails, upload forms, and named sub-domain to preserve brand recognition.

Some Of Our Business Clients

  • Austrian Film Commission
  • British Film Institute
  • Bullhouse Media
  • Clear Channel
  • Collage Of Legal Practice
  • Discovery Channel 2019
  • Spare Bank

Testimoniale clienți

Lürssen Yachts

We have been using Filemail since many years and are very happy with the uncomplicated way to send large files. And the support has always been very quick and helpful.

Matthew Ling (Zest Media Videography)

For me, Filemail is the perfect companion for my media transferring needs. It’s quick, reliable and in my opinion far better than any other file transferring platform. A+

Steve Gullick

FILEMAIL is perfect for all my file transfer requirements... its easy & quick to upload my huge video & stills photography projects - a doddle for the clients to download too... I can't recommend FILEMAIL highly enough!