About us

Hi, We’re Filemail

Filemail  is based in Oslo

Our Story

2008, Oslo, Norway. It was a cold frosty morning, when two bright-eyed youths named Stian and Njål, founded Filemail. Ok, being based in Oslo does mean there is a good chance that pretty much every morning is cold and frosty, but Filemail was also based on a problematic reality. Trying to send large files using email was just not possible, it still isn’t possible. There were other solutions available that had inherent issues, which meant they were just not good enough.

Filemail  is based in Oslo

Our Mission

Share your files of any size. If you need to send or receive huge files, if you need to do this securely in a compliant manner, then we should talk. We use words like large, huge, or big alongside files, which are subjective and inexact. What we are talking about are files of any size. The criteria that we use to evaluate the continued success of our mission are: speed, security, and ease of use. We’ve stayed true to our mission by staying true to our core values.

Filemail Core Values

We were a boot-strapped start-up before those terms made it into the public domain. We’ve seen many rival services come and go. We’ve seen them try unviable business models that gain a modicum of traction and market penetration, only to fade away. We are here to stay. We provide our service with a number of key considerations:

  1. No ads
  2. No speed caps
  3. No file size limit
  4. Simple intuitive interface
  5. Learn from our customers

Understand Our Customers

As founders it is our duty and responsibility to talk with, listen to, and where possible take-on board what our customers tell us. The files that we share, their files, are more than just files. They are someone’s work, someone’s dream, someone’s ambition. So, although we say we share files, we appreciate and respect what those files represent, and what we are really helping you share.

Filemail Founder: Stian Fauske

Njål Gjermundshaug

Founder & CEO

I am the co-founder of Filemail, and I am 40 years old. I hold a Masters Degree in Informatics and Artificial Intelligence. I have a strong skill set that encompasses A.I., MSFT Azure Cloud, tech-architecture, and autonomous technology. At Filemail I am responsible for the hardware and infrastructure, so you can thank me for the great speed, and ability to handle a file of any size.

Filemail Founder: Stian Fauske

Stian Fauske


I am a tech-savy 39 year old, that loves crunching numbers and statistics. When I started Filemail alongside Njal, I used to work as a programmer. I have a degree in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship. As well as managing Filemail, you’ll typically find me talking to our customers on customer support as well as handling the product-roadmap. So, if you have a complaint or suggestion, let me know.

The Evolution Of Filemail

In order to stay relevant, and for Filemail to continue to evolve, we have controlled the growth of our feature-set, of our hardware, and the team behind our service.

Filemail has an extensive feature-set


Integration, customization, and a desktop based UDP app for faster transfers. At all stages we have sought to provide features that remain focused on provided a stellar transfer solution.

Filemail has globally distributed servers


We have a number of data centres distributed globally so your data is sent as fast as possible, and we can comply with a number of global and regional regulations.

Filemail has a stellar customer support team

The Team

We have slowly increased our team to include what we consider the cream of the crop, fantastic developers, and great customer support: the aces up our sleeve.

What Makes Filemail Special

We are not the only file transfer solution on the market.

There are rivals that you can use to send a file of any size. They charge roughly the same as we do. There are rivals that give you great transfer speed using UDP. They charge typically a lot more than us.

But we have no competition when it comes to the ability to send a file of any size, with UDP speed, at a cost-efficient price.