Send Private File Requests & Track Responses

Collect Files In An Easy, Secure, Compliant Manner

File Request
Collect files by sending file requests to specific individuals. They don’t need to register and don’t need to install anything. People you request files from can use drag and drop functionality to upload files to you in a privately and securely. The file request page can be tailored to fit in with your brand. The file upload form on the page can have custom fields so you can obtain the information you need.

How Much Time Do You Waste?

Looking for files in your inbox?

Asking clients to send you files?

Checking who sent you which file?

Reminding clients to send you files?

How To Use File Request To Receive Files

1. Submit the email addresses of the people you would like to collect files from.
2. We will send them an email with a secure link to your upload page.
3. Files uploaded by your clients will be sent to your Filemail account.
4. Filemail will notify you when files have been shared with you.
5. People who have not responded will automatically be chased-up.
request files from specific people

Benefits Of Filemail File Request Feature For You

more information for clients
Provide Information
Create your file request with additional information to aid your clients and yourself in categorising what the request is about.
Track file requests
Track Responses
You’ll be in the know when it comes to who has responded to your file requests. You’ll also know how many files they shared.

Automatic Reminders

Chasing clients can cause you to lose precious time. Let Filemail automatically do the chasing for you, so you can work on other things.
Custom upload form
Custom Upload Forms
The file request upload form lets you add custom fields, so you can obtain all the information you want.
receive unlimited file size
Receive Big Files

Your inbox can only allow files of on average 20 MB in size, but with Filemail you can receive large files of any size.


Real-Time Notifications

When someone responds to your file request, by uploading a file into your Filemail account, you will be notified immediately.

Benefits For Your Clients

no account needed
No Need To Register
Your clients can share files with you, without having to download or install an app, or sign-up with us.
Drag and Drop Functionality
Your clients can easily upload multiple files and folders with drag and drop functionality, and then click on Send.

Brand Consistency

You can customise the file request pages to look like your website and brand, to ease any fears your clients may have.

Make It Easy For Your Clients to Share Files With You

easy to setup
  • Any Type
  • Any Format
  • Any Size
  • Any Device
  • Any Platform
  • No Account Needed

Robust Security

It is vital that clients, and you, know that the files you send and receive are in safe hands. At Filemail we safeguard your files with end-to-end encryption. We also scan shared files for viruses. You can password-protect files, as well as download pages, for further peace-of-mind.

End-To-End Encryption

We encrypt your data in transit to ensure it is protected.

anti-virus protection

Anti-Virus Protection

All files uploaded to Filemail’s cloud is scanned for viruses.

password protection


Password protect your files for additional security.

penetration report


Compliant file sharing with a range of mandates.


What is a file request?

A file request is a way to collect files from people in a private, easy, secure manner.

Is there a limit to how many requests I can send?

We have no limits on how many requests you generate.

Are there any limits on the number of files I can receive using file requests?

We make no distinction between receiving files via a file request or a different method permissible by Filemail. There are limits to how many files you can receive, which are to do with your subscription plan. You can not go over your set storage capacity. The good news is, you can purchase additional storage.

How do I create a file request using Filemail?

Please check out the following article in our Knowledge Base: How to create a file request using Filemail.

File Request Is Included In All Our Plans

All Our Plans Come With A 7-Day Trial