Receive Large Files From Clients & Customers

Any Type, Any Format, Any Size

Receive Large Files

You can receive large files from whomever you want, and they do not need to register. You can choose how you receive files, be it in a private or more public manner.

Furthermore, you can receive as big a file as your account can handle. We make it easy for your clients and customers to send files to you.

How To Receive Big Files From Anyone

Receiving large files from your clients and customers is easy with Filemail. All the sender needs to do is use your email address as the intended recipient, and upload files to our cloud-based file sharing platform. It’s as easy as sending an email. 

We offer 4 main ways for you to receive files.

filemail uploader

Via Our Home Page

custom subdomain

Via Your Custom Subdomain

Via An Upload Form On Your Site

Request Files From Specific People

File Request

If you want to receive files from specific people, use our file request feature. The people you want to receive files from will get a private email that tells them where to upload files. You can keep track of who has responded, and who hasn’t. 

How Large A File Can You Receive With Filemail?

If you have an account with us, the files you receive will be in your account. If not, and you are using our free service, you can receive large files up to 5 GB in size, which are available for you to download within 7 days. 

Check out the table below to see how big a file you can receive and how long it will be stored for, depending on the type of paid account you have with us.

Filemail Free


Max. File Size: 5 GB

Available For: 7 days

filemail pro


Max. File Size: 250 GB

Available For: 30 days

filemail business


Max. File Size: Any

Available For: Configurable

filemail enterprise


Max. File Size: Any

Available For: Configurable

Make It Easier For Your Clients To Work With You

Receive Files You Can Work With

Clients can send large files of any size to you, without having to resort to file-splitters, compressors, and lossy file formats.

Receive large files without losing quality
custom subdomain

Custom Subdomain

Use your business name as the name for  your custom subdomain, to reassure clients that the page belongs to you.

Present A Professional Front

The upload form and the custom subdomain can be configured to use the images and colors you want. Looking more professional will foster greater trust in you by your clients.

enterprise mft

Geo-Matching For Fast Transfer Rates

To provide as fast transfer rates as possible, we upload files to the nearest server. As we have servers distributing globally, this ensures files take the shortest distance possible.

Make It Easier For You To Receive Large Files

more information for clients

Track File Requests

Stay-in-the-loop as to who has responded to your files requests, and who has yet to respond.

integrate upload form
Upload Form On Your Website

With juse 1 line of HTML you can integrate our upload form on your site. This enables you to recieve large files from clients directly on your site.

Automatic Downloads

Having to manually download received files can be a pain. With our desktop apps for Macs and Windows, you can automatically download any files sent to your account.

Real-Time Notifications

You will be notified by Filemail whenever you receive large files. If for whatever reason you have not downloaded a file, you will be sent a reminder.

Information fields
Request Custom Information
On both the custom subdomain, and the upload form, you can insert additional text fields that ask for specific information.


If you must comply with certain regulations, such as GDPR or HIPAA,  you’ll be pleased to know that Filemail is a HIPAA compliant file transfer solution, and  GDPR ready.

Robust Security

It is vital that clients, and you, know that the files you send and receive are in safe hands. At Filemail we safeguard your files with end-to-end encryption. We also scan shared files for viruses. You can password-protect files, as well as download pages, for further peace-of-mind.
secure data transmission

End-To-End Encryption

anti-virus protection

Anti-Virus Protection

penetration report


Unlimited Features In Our Paid Plans

Unlimited Bandwidth

No limits on data ingress or egress.

Unlimited File Size

Send and receive larges files of any size.

Unlimited Recipients
Transfer large files with as many recipients as you neeed to.
Unlimited Downloads
We don’t limit the amount of times a file is downloaded.

Browser, Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad

Receive Large Files On All The Major Platforms

multi-platform apps

Start Receiving Large Files From Your Clients

All Our Plans Come With A 7-Day Trial