The DropSend Alternative To Send Large Files Of Any Size

The Benefit-Driven File Transfer Alternative

DropSend alternative to share files using any platform

DropSend is another in a long-line of file sharing platforms that facilitates the sending of files, that can't be sent by email.

However with no stand-out points, and indeed fairing rather poorly when compared to other players in the market, we can say with full confidence, it is a solution sorely lacking in many must-deliver benefits.

Why We Are A Better DropSend Alternative

Use Filemail when you need to send massive files

Dimensiune nelimitată a fișierului

Using DropSend you can send up to a maximum of 8 GB, which relatively speaking is very small. Taking into account the size of certain file types, DropSend is not a viable file transferring service. With Filemail you can transfer large files with no size limit.

Drop DropSend and use Filemail for unlimited downloads
Use Filemail when you need to send massive files

Lățime de bandă nelimitată

On some accounts DropSend severely restricts the number of downloads and recipients. On all our accounts, Filemail permits unlimited downloads and recipients.

Filemail îți partajează fișierele într-un mod securizat

Stocare Cloud securizată

Encryption and password protection is only available with some DropSend accounts. Anti-virus is not available on any DropSend account. Filemail has all 3 forms of protection, so your files in the cloud are in safe hands.

Filemail îți partajează fișierele într-un mod securizat
x 200

Really Fast Transfers

DropSend uses prioritization to dictate the speed of transfer you can achieve, depending on your account type. No matter the Filemail account, your transfers are sent using our custom UDP with speeds of up to 200 times faster.

Comparing The Following Accounts

No Account/Free

Personal 1-User Account

Multi-User Accounts

Free / No Account Comparison

Both DropSend and Filemail can send files for free, using either their website, or their mobile apps, so let's see how the two file sharing services compare for ad-hoc file sharing.

Filemail DropSend
Fișierele sunt disponibile 7 zile Necunoscut
Mărime maximă fișier 5 GB 4 GB
Lățime de bandă nelimitată
Protecție AntiVirus
Ad Free
Full Download Speed

Some Benefits Of A Filemail Personal Account

5 GB
Transferă până la 5 GB

Dropsend lets you transfer up to a 4 GB file. We go one better. Using Filemail you can share large files of up to 5 GB.

The ad-free DropSend alternative
Ad Free

Ads. Annoying. Need we say more? Well, with Filemail there are no ads on our website, nor emails, nor anyplace else.

Get way beyond the single recipient that DropSend permits
Mai multe descărcări

DropSend only lets you send a file to one recipient. We let you send a file to as many recipients as you want.

Protejați-vă fișierele, afacerea și reputația
Protecție antivirus

To have no anti-virus protection, like with DropSend, is asking for trouble. At Filemail we use anti-virus for secure file sharing.

Partajează gratis până la 5 GB

Without Capped Transfer Rates

Trimite acum

Personal Account Comparison

Individuals who need file sharing capabilities, such as marketers, photographers and audio / video specialists to name but a few domains, can both be catered for by DropSend and Filemail.

That is where the similarities end, so let's take a look at the differences between us.

Filemail DropSend
Cost lunar $10 $19
Account Type Pro Pro
Storage Capacity 1 TB 50 GB
Fișierele sunt disponibile 30 zile Necunoscut
Mărime maximă fișier 25 GB 8 GB
Lățime de bandă nelimitată
Delivery Tracking
Encrypted Data Transfer (HTTPS)
Protecție AntiVirus
Password Protection
Subdomeniu personalizat
Customization & Branding
Address Book
Receive Files
Mac, Windows iOs, Android, API

Unele avantaje cheie ale unui cont personal Filemail

1 TB
1 TB Stocare Online

Where DropSend only offers 50 GB of online storage, we offer 20 times the amount at 1 TB of file storage space.

25 GB
Partajați un fișier de până la 25 GB

With DropSend you can send a file of up to 8 GB. With Filemail you can send a file of up to 25 GB.

Password protect your files from unwanted eyes
Password Protection

Unlike DropSend, we offer password protection, to further promote your file being accessed by only intended parties.

Extensive granular tracking of shared files
Extensive Tracking

Although DropSend does offer delivery confirmation, it is by no-means as extensive as our tracking system.

You Can Send Much More Than 8 GB With Us

Începeți încercarea gratuită de 7 zile

Incepeti Incercarea

Multi-User Business Account Comparison

Multi-user accounts are for businesses that often need more than one user engaged in transferring files. With the additional legislative and regulatory mandates that govern how data must be handled, and a fast-paced world where speed and reliability is a must, file transferring solutions have filled in the holes that email, FTP and HTTP can't address.

Let's see how the business offering by DropSend compares to our offering.

Filemail DropSend
Cost lunar $15 $99
Account Type Business Business
Storage Capacity 1 TB / utilizator 500 GB
Fișierele sunt disponibile Configurabil Necunoscut
Mărime maximă fișier Nelimitat 8 GB
UDP File Transfer Acceleration
Lățime de bandă nelimitată
Delivery Tracking
Encrypted Data Transfer (HTTPS)
Protecție AntiVirus
Password Protection
Subdomeniu personalizat
Customization & Branding
Address Book
Încărcați formularul pe site-ul dvs. web
Primește fișiere
Choose Data Location
Priority Support
Mac, Windows iOs, Android, API

Highlights Of A Secure DropBox Alternative For Business

$ 99 $ 15
Eficiență cost

With a DropSend business account, you pay $99 even if you only wanted a few users. At Filemail, we charge $15 per user, and you don't pay surplus.

Filemail îți partajează fișierele într-un mod securizat
Stocare Cloud securizată

Businesses need to make sure their data is stored and in transit, with the utmost of security in mind. Unlike DropSend, we offer robst protective measures.

image/svg+xml TB 1 TB 1 TB 1
Primește orice mărime

Just as you can send a file of any size using Filemail, the same freedom applies when it comes to receiving files of any size.

Stocare individuală pentru fiecare utilizator
Stocare individuală

DropSend gives you 500 GB of storage, that potentially could be shared with up to 100 employees. We provide 1 TB of space for each employee.

Some Of Our Business Clients

  • Austrian Film Commission
  • British Film Institute
  • Bullhouse Media
  • Clear Channel
  • Collage Of Legal Practice
  • Discovery Channel 2019
  • Spare Bank

Testimoniale clienți

John Sullivan (SouthEast Bee Supply)

I was unable to email my pdf catalog to my clients, so each hard copy was costing me several dollars for printing plus more to mail. Now I simply send updated catalogs via Filemail whenever I change prices or add and remove products. I couldn’t operate without it!

Steve Gullick

Filemail is perfect for all my file transfer requirements... its easy & quick to upload my huge video & stills photography projects - a doddle for the clients to download too... I can't recommend Filemail highly enough.

Fabio Dondina

I have been using Filemail for several years with great satisfaction. It is a very fast service, especially with the Filemail Desktop application, both for uploading and for downloading. Furthermore you can easily upload files over 2 GB and the localization in Italian makes everything easy and immediate.