Filemail Affiliate Program

Earn 20% Commission Per Successful Referral For Up To 1 Year

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How To Take Part In The Filemail Affiliate Program

Register As An Affiliate

Sign up at It’s free to join, you won’t ever have to pay us.

Refer People

Use our wide selection of assets to promote Filemail. There is no cap on the number of people you can refer.

Earn 20% Commission

Get paid for every successful referral. By successful we mean someone who becomes a paid customer.

Transparent, Easy To Manage Referral Program

Setup & Run Using TapAffiliate

Affiliate Dashboard
Dedicated Dashboard
Detailed Reports
Variety Of Assets

Benefits Of Our Affiliate Program

Why You Should Join The Affiliate Program

90-Day Cookie From First Click
Unlimited Referrals
20% Commission For Up To 1 Year
Free To Join The Program
Wide Range Of Assets To Help You
Multiple Ways To Refer

Commission Calculator


Q. What do you mean by successful referral?

A. A successful referral is when someone you refer to us becomes a paying customer. When they do, that is when you are entitled to a commission. If they sign-up for a trial, and leave before becoming a paying customer you do not get a commission.

Q. How long do I earn commission for a successful referral?

A. You will get commission from a successful referral for up to 1 year, i.e. 12 calendar months, if they stay as a customer.

Q. What difference will annual and monthly plans make to the commission earned?

A. If a successful referral pays for an annual plan, you will earn 20% of the annual plan they took out. If a successful referral pays for a monthly plan, then you will earn 20% of the monthly plan, every month, for up to 1 year, if they stay as a customer.

Q. What happens if someone I refer ends up leaving Filemail before the 1st year?

A. If a successful referral leaves before the end of the 1st year, the moment they leave is when commission for that referral stops.

Q. What is the payment schedule?

A. You get your commission 30 days after a successful referral which will be released on the following payment date, provided you attain the payment threshold.
Q. What is the payment threshold?

A. To receive a payout, you need to reach a minimum of $10 in commission. When you attain $10 or more your payment will be scheduled for release on the following payment date.
Q. What is a following payment date?

A. A following payment date refers to the first end of the month after the 30 days.
Q. Can you give me an example of how payment threshold, payment schedule, and following payment date work together?

A. Yes. For example, you refer someone to us who becomes a paying customer. 30 days after the successful referral your commission is waiting to be released to you. At the end of the month payment is released to you.

Q. What do you mean by 90-day cookie from first-click?

A. You refer someone to us. For you to be credited as the affiliate, the duration between the referral first checking us out (first-click), and the moment they sign-up;  can be a maxium of 90 days apart.

Q. How do I receive my commission?

A. When you sign-up, you will be asked for your PayPal account. Commission will be sent to your PayPal account.

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