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About us

What’s the fastest possible way to send a large file?

That's the question we asked ourselves back in 2008.

We checked all the solutions out there, but all of them... sucked. So we quit our jobs and created Filemail.

It's a simple service where you select files, type in someone's e-mail and click 'send'. You don’t need to worry about file size limits, speed caps or noisy download pages. The recipient simply gets a link and downloads your file. That’s it!

People loved this simplicity. Today, we have more than 1 000 000 users who send up to 500 terabytes of files each month. Many of them liked our service enough to integrate it into their businesses.

We now have servers in North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia to make file sending just as smooth all around the world. We have also developed software plugins, desktop apps, mobile apps and a kickass API that can help you get your work done.
Why do people love Filemail?

We realize there are many ways to send files on the Web. But our users have discovered that Filemail:
  • Is faster and hassle-free compared to sharing via cloud drives
  • Is simpler than uploading to file hosting services
  • Has no file size limits, as opposed to other services
  • Doesn't force people who receive your files to register anywhere or install anything
  • Integrates seamlessly with popular e-mail software
  • Has better transfer speeds than other services
  • Offers custom branding and other enterprise features to businesses
I’m a freelance designer. Once, after trying for hours to upload a bunch of large .PSD files to client’s FTP server, I googled Filemail and used it instead. Never looked back!
Todd – UK
Oh, and our secret weapon?

Team behind Filemail
Our team. The team is led by Stian Tonaas Fauske and Njål Arne Gjermundshaug – two friendly developers from Norway trying to make the web even more useful than it is.

To this day, Stian and Njål listen carefully to their users and constantly develop Filemail to fit their needs.

Backed by great customer service that answers 96% of requests within 24 hours, we now have a small but extremely flexible team aiming to support Filemail for many years to come.

We also use the best tools, services, hardware, frameworks and development methodologies to ensure that Filemail is a kickass service.
Do you like it? Spread the word!

No matter what technology or buzzwords are popular at the moment, a simple and focused service is very often everything people need.

So far we have enjoyed tremendous growth relying mostly on word of mouth.
That's why we hope you will find Filemail useful and recommend it to your friends!

Now, wasn't there a file you wanted to send?

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