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DJ Freddy B Heavyhitter is a music industry entrepreneur based in Chicago. He works as a music producer, DJ, and consultant. He has also been distributing officially licensed tracks for a number of years. The music he provides covers the full spectrum of genres with DJ-friendly edits, alongside hard-to-find versions such as acapellas and instrumentals.

He wants to take his music distribution business to the next level, providing more DJ’s with more high-quality music. DJ Freddy B wants to create his own online DJ record pool to achieve this goal.

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The Challenges

DJ Freddy B has certain limitations with how he was doing things:

  1.   His clients – other DJ’s, would come round to his house or office to obtain music files, this takes up valuable time as he has to cater to them in person

  2.   Due to only sharing files physically his business is hampered in terms of growth and scalability

The Goals

  1. Increase business revenue by:

    •   Increasing the size of his music library to provide DJ’s with more variety

    •   Provide DJ’s with high quality MP3 or Wav files

    •   Distribute music to more DJ’s in a faster manner

    •   Control which DJ’s can access and download what music

  2.   Free up his time to focus on other aspects by stopping DJ’s coming round to his house or office to obtain music in person

  3.   Presenting the music library and the business in a professional manner

Solution Evaluation Factors

The solution evaluation factors are in part based on a solution that enables him to meet his goals:

  1.   Large storage space due to the goal of increasing his music library, providing DJ’s with different edits of the same track, and higher quality audio files

  2.   A digital distribution channel that lets him scale his ability to send more music, to more DJ’s

  3.   Fast transfer of music files as the DJ’s he supplies can’t wait too long for the music to be usable

  4.   A reliable solution that sent usable files rather than corrupt files, or transfers that didn’t go through

  5.   As he provides a service, he needs to know that DJ’s have obtained the files they paid for

  6.   The ability to control what files a DJ had access to, and for how long

How They Work With Filemail

DJ Freddy B uses Filemail in the following way:

  1.   He uploads vast amounts of music structured in folders according to styles and genres into Filemail’s cloud storage. He uses the Filemail desktop app which uses a custom UDP transfer protocol to give him very fast transfer speeds.

  2.   DJ’s subscribe to his service by paying him a set amount per month or year

  3.   Upon subscription DJ Freddy B sends an email or emails with download links to the desired tracks.

  4.   DJ’s can download whatever files are covered in the agreement. Thanks to Filemails admin control and notification system, he knows who can access what files, and when they download any files.

  5.   To promote a professional appearance he has a custom subdomain using his own name

  6.   He has customized the subdomain and emails so they are consistent with his brand by using his own colors and logo.

The Results

Thanks to Filemail he has increased revenue by being able to create an online DJ record pool.

  •   He can provide more DJ’s access to his library.

  •   He has freed up his time as DJ’s no longer come to his locale to obtain music.

  •   DJ Freddy B has a user interface that is in keeping with his brand.

  •   DJ’s are able to jump straight into Filemail’s intuitive UI, and start downloading straight away.

  •   His clients are very pleased with the fast transfer speed and sizeable library he offers.

The Future

DJ Freddy B is continuing to expand his music library, and his network of DJ’s. He is expanding his offering by also providing videos and images. He is someone Filemail has talked to on a number of occasions to obtain his feedback about our solution, and to find out how we can help DJ Freddy B take his business to the next level.

Dj Freddy B Testimonial

I’ve tried many different file sharing applications and Filemail has been the fastest. In using Filemail for my business, I’m able to keep track of who I’ve sent files to and who has opened them.

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